Tournament Records

Player and Years
Lowest 9 Hole Score on Record30 - Harvey Bloom - 1962
Lowest 18 Hole Score on Record65 - Harvey Bloom - 1962
Lowest 54 Hole Score on Record209 - Dave Vosika - 1964
209 - Lee Kolquist - 1980
Most Consecutive WinsFour - Reed Kolquist
1985; 1986; 1987; 1988
Most Tournament WinsFive - Scott Anderson
Four - Reed Kolquist
Four - Steve Stojevich
Three - Dave Vosika
Most Top Two FinishesTen - Steve Stojevich
Four Wins; Six Runner Up
Largest Margin of Victory14 Strokes - Jud Crist - 1997
11 Strokes - Scott Anderson - 2005
10 Strokes - Kyle Ness - 1991
Most Senior Division ChampionshipsEight - Mike O'Leary
1998; 1999; 2000; 2001
2003; 2005; 2006; 2011
Most Super Senior Championships (Began in 2015)Two - Jim Frericks

Past Tournament Champions

YearChampionScoreRunner UpScoreTourney NotesSenior ChampionSuper Senior Champion
1959Jim Koehler, Sr.1 UpJim Nordine
1960Ron Johnson319 Hole Event
1961Butch Newby180Dave Vosika18145 Holes
1962Harvey Bloom*173Wicklund*65/18 Holes; 30/9 Holes)
1963Rick Liljedahl176Harvey Bloom17945 Holes
1964Dave Vosika209H. Newby211
1965Dave Vosika219Gary McKenzie221
1966Dave Vosika225Dave Ojala226
1967Dave Ojala214H. Newby219
1968H. Newby216Dave Vosika220
1969Bill Cheslak215H. Newby216
1970G. Wicklund218Dave Vosika219
1971Jim Koehler, Sr.218G. Shogren222
1972T. Greaton222G. Shogren222
1973T. Greaton223J. Jensen226
1974D. Lindahl223M. Peterson226
1975Pat Fairchild217T. Greaton220
1976Bob Hill219Ed Bergren Gary McDonald220
1977Pat Fairchild220Gary McDonald221
1978Bob Carlson217Lee Kolquist219
1979Bill Carlson, Jr.218Gary Andelin220
1980Lee Kolquist209Steve Stojevich213
1981Lee Kolquist216Pat Fairchild218
1982Pat Fairchild218Jim Jensen221
1983Jerry Kirby213Steve Stojevich Craig Guzzo219
1984Steve Stojevich211Reed Kolquist213
1985Reed Kolquist*217Kyle Anderson217*Won Playoff
1986Reed Kolquist*144Steve Stojeich144*Won Playoff Rain Shortened 36 Holes
1987Reed Kolquist213Loyal "Bud" Chapman221
1988Reed Kolquist173John Sheff175Rain Shortened 36 Holes
1989Tony Maki214Gerald Kirby Jr.215
1990Steve Stojevich223Mike Anderson Tony Maki227Werner Talus
1991Kyle Ness213John Scanlon223Dave Vosika
1992Steve Stojevich217Dan Mozetti221Alex Hanschen
1993Loyal "Bud" Chapman218Kevin Noreen221Lloyd Berquist
1994Scott Anderson220Marshall Pederson222Ken Allar
1995Jud Crist*222Steve Stojevich222*Won PlayoffKen Bombardier
1996Steve Stojevich219Jud Crist221Harvey Borseth
1997Jud Crist211Steve Stojevich225Ken Allar
1998Scott Anderson225Steve Stojevich226Mike O'Leary
1999Rick Nolander*220Scott Anderson220*Won PlayoffMike O'Leary
2000Pat McBride219Luke Mattila224Mike O'Leary
2001Shane Johnson216Mike Marshall Pat McBride218Mike O'Leary
2002Frank Rich216Gary Carlson219Gaylord Palm
2003Scott Anderson218Mike Marshall221Mike O'Leary
2004Bill Carlson220Ross Fremont221Gaylord Palm
2005Scott Anderson211Chris Kucera222Mike O'Leary
2006Frank Rich219Marshall Pederson Dan Mozzetti223Mike O'Leary
2007Scott Anderson221Eric Berquist222Don Rollins
2008Frank Rich222Mike Elam224Gaylord Palm
2009Mike Marshall213Pat McBride218Gaylord Palm
2010Andy Smith141Todd Gervais142Rain Shortened 36 HolesDon Rollins
2011Andy Smith214Todd Gervais215Mike O'Leary
2012Casey Hill212Frank Rich216Gaylord Palm
2013Todd Gervais227Frank Rich228Gaylord Palm
2014Bruce Hegland230Jeff Berquist236Jeff Talus
2015Chris Stafne215Eric Berquist222Mike GuzzoJim Frericks
2016Ian Guzzo217Eric Berquist218Mike GuzzoJim Frericks
2017Eric Berquist216Jack Retica225Scott HoltMike O'Leary